Specimen Training is a unique, sports performance training institute, which specializes in strength and conditioning for all levels of athletes.  Understanding that movement transcends all sports, our comprehensive training methods are designed for the most effective approach combining optimal movement, speed trainingagility trainingstrengthpower, balance, functional flexibility, trunk training, core stability, explosion, and recovery…to enhance athletic performance.  While all of our programs are individually tailored…each is developed with these particulars kept in mind:  we aim to maximize genetic potential and maximize injury prevention.  In simple terms…we will develop you to the fullest of your potential while making sure you have a long, healthy athletic career!  All of our programs offer cutting edge techniques and utilize the most efficient forms of methodology and instruction.  We’ll get you the most results in the least amount of time possible!  Specializing in speed training, we also runs the best summer speed clinic in the metro Denver area. 

Training for sports is what we do best, as we have trained players from MLB, AFL, and MLL.  We’ve also trained Olympic athletes, high school, and amateur athletes. 

 In addition to offering the best in Denver athletic training, we also feature some of – if not the best in nutritional supplements in the sports nutrition section.  Whether your goal is to build muscle mass during the off-season or lean up as the season approaches…a complete, all inclusive training program can be designed for you from the ground up.  From energy drinks, to the absolute best multivitamin in the world, we should be your 1-stop hub if you want to become the fittest and/or best athlete you can be. 

If by now you still do not believe the hype, check out what some of our clients have to say about training with Eric Evans and Specimen Training!

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