“I began working out with Eric to prepare for a heli-skiing trip to Alaska. Eric took me on where I was at and designed workouts for me that helped me progress to become the fittest I had been in quite some time.  I love lifting weights and Eric was able to take me to the next level – I did powerlifting with him that I had never done in the past. Eric is very in tune with his clients and the body. I felt safe lifting with him, and he made sure I had proper form and that I was not over extending myself, while also challenging me. He encourages not only physical fitness but mental fitness as well and I learned to work past the pain and self-limiting thoughts to break through and get my body to the point that I went to Alaska and slayed it. I was ecstatic that I skied as hard and long as I did up there. I’m a good skier and I didn’t realize that I was working so hard by not having been fit for prior ski seasons. I took on the steepest runs in a more confident way – being strong leveled up my skiing physically and mentally. 

Eric has vast knowledge on fitness and the body. I had a foot injury during my time with him (unrelated to our workouts) and he easily and capably adapted my workouts, enhanced my PT, and aided my recovery. He was always aware of what was going on with my foot and gave me exercises and stretches that helped the healing process.

In the matter of a few months my body transformed to a leaner, more defined, stronger version – and no matter if your goals are similar to mine, general fitness, or weight loss etc… Eric will listen, help you achieve your goals, and exceed your expectations of personal training. 

I recommend Eric to anyone looking for a trainer to transform their lives and body, and wanting to have a little fun while you’re at it!