Football is arguably the ultimate team sport.  It requires every fitness component to be optimal and all 11 players on the field giving 100% effort at all times for success. 


Linemen must be able to react explosively when the ball is snapped and withstand the opponent’s strength.  Linemen must be strong as well as powerful, while at the same time be mobile enough to get out and make downfield blocks from time to time.  Your training objectives should focus on developing maximum strength/power, hypertrophy (increasing muscle mass), starting power, and reactive power.

Skill Position Players (running backs, DBs, etc.) Skill position players need to possess great speed, quickness, and agility (starting, stopping, cutting accelerating, changing direction).  These players also need to be very mobile as well as having good footwork and strength/power.  As a skill position player, your training objectives should focus on becoming more explosive, acceleration power, speed, agility, quickness, starting power, reactive power, and maximum strength.